V I N E Y A R D  A N D  T E R R O I R

The Lagille estate currently covers 7.20 hectares, planted with 55% Pinot Meunier, 30% Chardonnays and 15% Pinot noir. In 2019, Maud and Vincent took the decision to convert the whole domain to organic viticulture.

As a reminder, it is necessary to go through a phase of four years of conversion to obtain certification in organic viticulture. “It was the moment, as the continuity of the evolution started by our parents. A lot of ground had already been covered. By reducing our inputs. By lightly working the soil.

By extension of grass. By putting in place mechanisms that promote biodiversity. Organic viticulture has therefore naturally imposed itself. And finally, I would go even further: regardless of the label or the certification, what is important to me is to constantly question and move forward.

We know it’s never ending. »Explains Vincent. “This year, for example, I have chosen to have wooden shelters along certain vines so that bats can settle there. Bats are an ally because they regulate the presence of insects that damage the vineyard. I will wait until I can evaluate the results to say more.

We also have the chance to cultivate a geographically concentrated vineyard, since 95% of our vines are located in Treslon or on the edge of the village. This simplifies observation, decion-making, interventions, etc. It is rather rare in Champagne !

This specificity also helped Vincent in his questions about moving from vine to wine. “Our wines will inevitably become the expression of a particular terroir. We are ambassadors of Treslon, without a doubt and with sincerity and a lot of pride. We also find a very specific organoleptic signature in all our wines. But the interest for me was to explore different expressions of this terroir. “