Just as he did for the vines and the grapes, Vincent took time to question himself about the wines they wanted to offer.

“It’s much easier since our domain was strongly in place. Both in terms of working tool (press, winery), and the wines themselves. With a strong specificity: working in a single grape variety. Only our Cuvée Grande Réserve is a blend with us. For the rest, the choice was clear to allow the expression of our terroir through each grape variety.

Vincent explains: “So I started with a lot of observation and learning. Then I started to get some ideas. In line with this reflection on the terroir / grape variety alliance that I find fascinating. For example, I worked on the harvest circuit, so that the collection of grapes takes place exactely when the grapes are the most interesting. Before the harvest, I therefore walk around my vines several times, so that we do not to miss the best moment. I’ like to collect the Meuniers at around 10.5 degrees, while Pinots Noirs are just amazing at 11.5 degrees. For Chardonnays, it’s different. It varies more depending on years and plots. “

Gradually, he starts to put his ideas in place : minimal dosage, passage in barrels, search for tension in the wines and plots. “I started with what I love. For example, regarding chaptalization, I always explain that I am a huge tea lover, and as such, I never put sugar in it ! For me, that masks the essence of the product. Tea or wine. Another example: vinifying in barrels was obvious. With, if possible, barrels from our region, Treslon.

To follow through on the idea. On the other hand, I am looking for something light. I therefore prefer barrels which have already seen between three and ten wines, which allows a good combination between substance and tension. “

Vincent decides to maintain the initial, historic range. While reworking certain stages of winemaking, in particular disgorging, in order to obtain a better expression of wine. And he brings his vision. New plots are emerging, or are still to come. Always single-varietals. “I think that’s really our thing.” But this time, he selects particular plots. Those who inspire him. Les Bergères. La Garenne. Le Mont en Peine. Three plots for 4 wines. With a very different approach than from the rest of the range, in particular a fractionation of the pressing juices so that the wine can express its verticality. And already, he is reflecting on their future evolution…

“I have ideas… For example, I would like to go for a stapled cork… As a matter of fact, I think that I cannot stop to ask myself how to make things evolve. I love it so much when an idea takes over from the previous one ! “