Here the elaboration process has been “overturned”. The best way to play with vintages. These Champagnes therefore tell the story of a terroir, Treslon, of a single year, the vintage, but are most of the time the result of a blend of grape varieties. Every vintage year, a different choice has been made. For example, in 2005, the Pinots Noirs from Les Bergères plot were mixed with the Chardonnays from Mont en Peine. In 2008, Mont en Peine Chardonnays were prorized as they represent 90% of the blend of this vintage, with 10% Pinot Noirs from La Garenne. In 2012, the three grape varieties were blended with also a dominant Chardonnay (64%), 29% Pinots Noirs and 7% Meuniers. “With this part of the range, we wanted to offer more complex and sophisticated wines. »Explains Vincent.

These are collection or passion Champagnes. Unique vintages, often in very limited quantities. Cuvées developed according to the specifity of the season, the possibilities of the year. Some years no Vintage was even imagined … because the year did not allow it “In the coming years, I would like to imagine vinifying these wines in atypical containers. To bring them even more singularity. “

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